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Are you ready to master such crucial techniques such as sweep picking, alternate picking, circular picking, and legato picking? Then there’s only one choice! You need to buy Pro Speed Picking! Only $19.95 with INSTANT Download!

Let me be clear from the beginning. If you’re not ready to work and practice these techniques at least an hour a day, then you probably don’t want to keep reading. This course is for serious guitar players only. If you don’t have the discipline to work and practice, then I do not recommend this course. Sorry, but it’s for players really willing to make a commitment.

Pro Speed Picking Exercise Guide, with over a hundred exercises to devoted to various picking techniques such as circular picking, economy picking, sweep picking, alternate picking, and string skipping. The exercises range from beginner to advanced and can keep you busy for months.

Speed Picking Handbook, which demonstrates the above techniques in-depth. You will learn in-depth picking SECRETS that professional guitarists have known for years. Both right hand and left hand technique are discussed in detail, and high quality pictures are included that demonstrate each technique close-up.

Speed Picking Rhythm Guide, which goes into specific detail about musical timing. Far too many guitarists don’t really understand how musical timing affects their speed. With Pro Speed Picking, you will learn to read musical rhythms properly so that you can master musical timing.

mp3 Audio Files of all exercises have been recorded in high 24-bit quality at both normal and slow speed. The audio files are excellent quality and are iPod ready so that you can listen to the exercises during your practice sessions or even on the go if needed.

5 Blues/Rock jTrax which are Pro Guitar Method’s own jam tracks for practicing your solos and improvisation. These “jam tracks” will help you hone your solo skills easily. Each track is over three minutes long and will help you improve your lead-playing.

Unlimited Technical Support! If you ever have problems with the course, either on your computer or understanding one of the exercises, just use the contact form above to get in touch with us, and we’ll respond usually within 48 hours. Always be sure to let us know as many specifics as possible.

“I have checked out many instructional products on the topic of picking, and few are as detailed, as thorough and as well-organized as Pro Guitar Method. The bonuses, including the rhythm guide, are just icing on the cake. These exercises will keep me challenged for years to come.” Chris Smart Professional Jazz Guitarist and Instructor

“I’ve tried every guitar course there is and none of them makes as much sense as Pro Guitar Method’s Pro Speed Picking for improving your picking speed, technique, and accuracy. Everything is here. Alternate picking, economy picking, sweep picking, arpeggios. Genius. Pure Genius!” Tony Rose Professional Rock Guitarist and Instructor

“I have been at beginner level technique for years, and I was just about ready to give up. A friend of mine told me about the “Pro Speed Picking Course,” and I thought I would give it a try. Now I can play the same Van Halen and Yngwie licks he can. Thank you Pro Guitar Method!” ‘” Daniel Trevino Beginning Guitarist and Future Guitar god

“I own pretty much every instructional course there is on speed picking, sweep picking, alternate picking, etc. None of them come close to the rigorous instruction contained in the “Pro Speed Picking Course.” These lessons were written by not only a master guitarist, but a master teacher as well. ‘” Jose Milano Professional Guitar Teacher

Once you purchase the course, you are entitled to all future upgrades and additions for free. Upon your purchase, you will be granted lifetime membership where you can download the current version.

You will have access to over a hundred master-class picking exercises on alternate picking, sweep picking, economy picking, and string-skipping.

In addition to over a hundred picking exercises, our course includes detailed explanations of every technique, close-up pictures, and discussion of musical rhythms.

High quality ebooks in PDF format and 24-bit mp3 files demonstrating each exercise. Both the PDF and mp3 files are Apple iPad compatible!

Instant digital delivery. It doesn’t matter if you buy the course at 2:00 am, you will have instant access.

The course comes with a no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee. Go ahead and buy the course and test drive it for two months. If your playing doesn’t improve, I’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked. You have absolutely nothing to lose!

P. S. People often ask if this course is Mac compatible, and the answer is a definite yes! The course is delivered on PDF and mp3 files, so it will work on any platform. Read more…

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