Zinedine Zidane got ahead with Coaching Career after Football Player

When Zinedine Zidane decided to hang up his boots and stop playing football at a highly competitive level for any club, the Frenchman initiated his coaching career with Real Madrid as the Spanish club appointed Zidane as a special adviser to Real Madrid’s first team. From there on out he has had a number of different roles for Real Madrid, including being the Sporting Director and the assistant coach of Carlo Ancelotti.

As the years went by on June of the current year, it was announced that Zidane turned into the coach of Real Madrid’s B team but this new role of Zidane dragged consequences with it after the director of the Spanish National Football Coach Education Centre (CENAFE) reported Zidane for him not having the necessary coaching badges in order to properly be in charge of a team.

Zidane was given a 3 month ban as a sanction but this punishment was later suspended.

The French Football Federation (FFF) is supportingZinedineZidane and the French organization believes that putting a sanction on such an iconic player will damage European football.

A statement from the French Football Federation said:

“The FFF would like to reiterate its support for Zidane following the decision by the Spanish Committee to sanction him for not having the necessary coaching diploma. The fact such an iconic player like Zidane, who has decided to follow the internationally accepted French Coach training system, is not able to carry out his duties as permitted by UEFA is damaging to European football’’

ZinedineZidane is now going through all of the official procedures that are needed in order to coach a team and after everything is said and done, there is a possibility of Zidane turning into the coach of the France national football team as he has already expressed his desire to coach France at the international stage.

Zinedine Zidane got ahead with Coaching Career after Football Player
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