Laurent Blanc assures that anyone can be dropped from Squad

Laurent Blanc, the PSG manager, has made it clear that there is nobody in his squad who cannot be dropped.

The critics have been saying that there are a couple of PSG players who have almost become untouchable now because of their reputation.

Thiago Silva is the one whom the critics have specially been having a go at. They reckon the Brazilian defender should be made to sit out, but, that is not happening because he is too strong a player to be touched.

However, according to Blanc, it’s not the case. The starting XI gets picked on the basis of current form and not on the basis of what one has done in the past, but, it is also necessary to give confidence to the players especially to those who have a lot of potential and that’s what he is trying to do with Silva at the moment.

Speaking about Thiago Silva the other day, Blanc said, “Nobody over here is untouchable. Let me tell you that very clearly. As far as Thiago is concerned, we are just looking to give him a bit of confidence. A player needs that at times. Dropping him straightaway isn’t the solution. But, yes, if he doesn’t get his form back, he can be left out. It doesn’t matter for me how big or small a player is. The form is the most important thing.”

When asked if reckons he should have kept Marco Verratti on for a bit longer in the European game versus the Catalan giants the previous weekend, the 49-year old Frenchman said, “Well, yes, now, I think it was probably not the correct decision, but, that’s management is all about. You make your decisions, if everything goes well, people say you are a genius, otherwise, you get criticized. It goes like this.”

PSG lost that game 1-3 to Barcelona.

Laurent Blanc assures that anyone can be dropped from Squad
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