Fulham has gone from competing in the Premier League

In less than one year Fulham has gone from competing in the Premier League to being located in the bottom spots of the Football Championship League with the possibility of being relegated for a 2nd successive year being a highly likely one.

Fulham’s fall from grace is a tough one as the supporters of the club were hoping to see the English side bouncing right back after getting relegated from the Premier League but it hasn’t happened as they are struggling just to survive in the Championship league.

A number of changes are expecting to be with many players that might be axed in the summer when this season finalizes and even the manager Kit Symons is under threat as he could be replaced.

If rumors are indeed true, the head officials are attempting to sign Mick McCarthy and turn him into the manager of Fulham as he might be arriving to the club as replacement of Kit Symons who hasn’t been able to push the team out of the bottom spots of the league and his time might be over.

Mick McCarthy is the current manager of Ipswich Town and he has done a superb job in this season with the club as they are located in the top spots of the Championship league and have a good chance of earning a promotion spot to the Premier League which would be a huge accomplishment taking into consideration that the budget of the club is quite limited but even with this budget, McCarthy has managed to put his team in a very comfortable position.

Shahid Khan is the owner of Fulham and he has already praised the work that McCarthy has been doing with Ipswich Town and he is even willing to offer the English manager a 4 year long contract in the region of €10 million in order to lure him into the club that has been struggling so much in recent times.

Fulham has gone from competing in the Premier League
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