Didier Deschamps feels that the media are expecting too much from Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba is a consistent starter for Juventus who has helped the Italian club in securing 3 successive Serie A titles and its hard to deny that he is one of the most coveted and sought out young players in the world of football.

There are many top European clubs that have shown interest in signing Paul Pogba but Juventus and the agent of Pogba have already stated that they will not be accepting offers for anything less than €100 million for the French starlet.

Paul Pogba has made a number a sensational performances with Juventus but the youngster has not managed to replicate his performances with his national side as Pogba just doesn’t stand out with France in the same way that he does with Juventus, this however is not something that seems to be affecting the head coach of France, Didier Deschamps as he stated that he is not expecting Pogba to score goals in every single game or to be the man of the match on a consistent basis.

“From the very beginning he demonstrated a lot and people expect for him to deliver. We expect him to be always great and to make the difference. He’s a midfielder that helps the team to get good situations. If he’s not making the difference during a game that doesn’t mean he’s not helpful within the team. I’m not expecting that he scores two, three goals at every game. He can score, he can be better during some games. He’s a part of a collective. He has great abilities and I think that the expectations are as high as his qualities.” France’s Didier Deschamps said.

The French national football team has a fairly busy schedule lying ahead with 2016 Euro’s matches and 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification games as well that are expected to take place within the upcoming few months. Pogba is expected to play a big role for all of these upcoming games but Deschampsfeels that the media as well as the environment are adding unnecessary pressure to the youngster who is also shouldering the responsibilities of pushing Juventus to another successive Serie A title and juggling so much things at the same time can take a toll on the youngster.



Didier Deschamps feels that the media are expecting too much from Paul Pogba