20 thoughts on “Classic Australia V France Rugby Brawl 2008

  1. The commentary, Mums you can stop worrying, Dads you can stop laughing 🙂 Then the camera shows the fked up eye, that one connected, lol

  2. French idiots got frustrated at being arse raped by oz and stsarted this shit, the french threw punches which is a red card. idiots

  3. The French are like American niggers….they like to sucker punch and also gang up on one player…you never see them fight one on one!!

  4. the touch judges were pretty shit there, it shouldve been overturned for seven blue throwing punches at 2 yellow, thats what started it, 4 was just stopping him

  5. it wasn't really a fight …..I mean 10 Frenchmen against 2 Aussies isn't a fight …. just giving the forwards a breather is all it was.

  6. Just french frustration at being behind 26-nil just before half time. Nothing in it although one aussie copped a good hit.

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