Michel Platini is no longer a candidate for the FIFA Presidency

2015 was a forgettable year for FIFA and many of their head executives as the football governing authority was filled with reports of scandals, briberies and things of this nature. After a long series of investigations that were done, it was confirmed that there indeed were some non-ethical actions which took place not only in 2015 but also from the past few years.

These briberies and scandals range from receiving payments of over $2 million to Platini which was approved by Blatter in 2011, reportedly for consulting work which was done a decade earlier. There are also scandals going on involving the upcoming 2018 World Cup as well as the previous one. It’s believed that certain matches were fixed and that the host countries where the event took place did not actually deserve to win their respective bids as it was all fixed and this process did not go through transparently.

Sepp Blatter spent 17 years at the helm of FIFA but he did not build a good reputation with all of these issues that were confirmed and Blatter was banned for 8 years as well as Michel Platini.

Michel Platini is regarded as one of the best French footballers ever to grace a field but it’s a completely different story when it comes to his life outside of the pitch as he is constantly being linked with corruption as well as Sepp Blatter.

The Swiss football administrator decided to step down from his presidential position in FIFA after the pressure that was building up was simply too much for him to handle and with all the investigations that were being done, he knew it was the best decision to make.

Platini launched a bid to replace Blatter and become the next president of FIFA but he withdrew his application as the Frenchman wants to focus in cleaning his name from everything that has been going on.

Michel Platini is no longer a candidate for the FIFA Presidency
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